Outdoor 30 Under 30

The Outdoor Industry's Brightest Young Minds


Outdoor 30 Under 30 highlights the athletes, designers, founders, and misfits who are challenging the status quo and driving the industry forward. They are the crazy ones. The movers and makers. The bold. The quiet geniuses. The clever and collaborative. The stubborn and passionate.

This project was born on a long, muddy run. An otherwise innocuous moment, high on endorphins, chasing miles as the sun set. We had recently read Forbes 30 Under 30 and saw white space. A few hours of research confirmed our suspicions: this is the first ever outdoor specific list.

2016 Winners

Proudly announcing the inagural 30 winners

With over 600 nominations we're excited to announce 30 of the outdoor industry's future game changers.

  • Jon Bowden

    National Geographics Maps

  • Claire Kestrel Neaton

    Salmon Sisters

  • CJ Goulding

    Natural Leaders Network

  • Kyle Davidson

    Sourced Adventures

  • Alyssa Ravasio


  • Brian Linton

    United By Blue

  • Anna Stork


  • Mo Elliott


  • Sophie Sarkar

    National Park Service

  • Johnie Gall

    Dirtbag Darling

  • Chris Burkard

    Chris Burkard Studios

  • Daniel Opalacz

    Bedrock Sandals

  • Camrin Braun

    Biological Oceanography at MIT/WHOI

  • Brody Leven

    Professional Adventure Skier

  • Mike Mueller

    Get Outfitted

  • Angel Collinson

    Professional Big Mountain Skier

  • Austin Turner

    RXR Sports

  • Blair Braverman


  • Michelle Piñon

    Latino Outdoors

  • Andy Wyatt

    Austin Bouldering Project + Seattle Bouldering Project

  • Becca Skinner

    Becca Skinner Photography

  • Tim Miller

    Sea to Summit

  • Bob Dalton

    Sackcloth & Ashes

  • Grace Anderson

    Sierra Club

  • Andrew Siess

    Youngest person to walk around the world

  • Matt Gillespie

    GoSun Stove

  • Will Watters

    Western Rise

  • Alfonso Orozco

    Teton Science Schools

  • Jessica Wahl

    Outdoor Industry Association

  • Tom Wright

    Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

All winners were selected by the panel of judges and under the age of 30 as of February 1st, 2016.


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